Well now that I have started to animate I figured that releasing my first just about test film, I was just going to go all out and create what I hoped to be a master piece. So many many hard man hours I had to undertake to start to write, voice and create this beautiful idea. After shortly completing a script and creating a few scenes of animation along with about half the voice overs + sounds effects was when the cruel hand of god had pointed to torment me. For my new glorious flash had been lost along with the remaining data on my hard drive. So the project I doubt will be picked back up because I have already invested 50+ hours into working on it. I am less sad about the fame and glory of releasing such a piece, but I am most saddened that non of you beautiful people are going to be able to see this eye candy. So instead of living cast back by the deterrent I will buck up and continue with another project because lucky for me I am full of ideas and time to work. I want to give you people my image for you to enjoy. So I will begin a new project shortly after finishing the next idea. I hope to let it out sometime in the next month if possible. For I want my second work to be a artistic master piece. So there will be no rushing of any sorts involved. (plus lots of procrastination)
So I hope you see me soon.\

Yours always

Flash in production

2008-05-04 00:21:14 by blackdeath90

I know it has been a long never, but I have gotten the nerve to get Adobe Flash and learn to use it. So for the past couple of days I have been working on what I hope to be my first released flash movie. I predict that I will complete the animation mid into this week and I hope I will be able to get audio.
Lucky for you this is not the first piece of flash I have worked on so at least there will be a little bit of quality.
I am definitely in a learning stage right now where I am learning just about everything there is to know and I hope that this work at least gets passed. I don't really want to give away any detail about the video. So I won't.
I really hopes this happens so I can share with you my first real attempt to create anything with my hands alone. I hope this is not the last time though because I want to become a greater flash artist than I am now. I already have a decent amount of art ability and I can hope that ability transfers over to flash.
Wish me luck on this voyage.

Hyping things up!!!

2008-01-29 23:36:34 by blackdeath90

Seems the rage today is hyping things up before whatever even comes out. I can tell you though what all the hype is about. The hype is about a new fad that is coming back from the time of Jesus my friends. This is going to be big, and let me tell you "This will be earth shattering". I can get all the hype in the world to talk about this but it will never cover this. J.J. Abraham has nothing on this. I will update you people with more information about this. I will get some press coverage even.

Good night and good luck.