Entry #1

Hyping things up!!!

2008-01-29 23:36:34 by blackdeath90

Seems the rage today is hyping things up before whatever even comes out. I can tell you though what all the hype is about. The hype is about a new fad that is coming back from the time of Jesus my friends. This is going to be big, and let me tell you "This will be earth shattering". I can get all the hype in the world to talk about this but it will never cover this. J.J. Abraham has nothing on this. I will update you people with more information about this. I will get some press coverage even.

Good night and good luck.


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2008-01-30 19:15:32

I don't like your stupid fucking face. Get the fuck off of Newgrounds, you dirty sheeny

blackdeath90 responds:

Can we please keep our anger to ourselves.


2008-03-29 19:34:39

Interesting User picture....


2008-04-01 12:51:35


blackdeath90 responds:

In due time my friend
In due time


2008-04-09 10:27:00

Your Image is VERY Strange... ,':(

blackdeath90 responds:

Um thanks!?